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Legendary Fast by Ferracci signs with Quarterley Racing on Track Development Team for the 2018 Seaso

Quarterley Racing on Track Development Team is excited to announce the addition of Fast by Ferracci as a team sponsor. Anyone in the racing community knows Eraldo Ferracci isn’t new on the scene. When asked why he was getting back into it now Ferracci said, “I really like how the series is going now that MotoAmerica has taken over and I want to be part of it.” Ferracci told Quarterley that when he sat down with his son, Larry to talk about it the names Quarterley and Robbins kept coming up. Obviously, the support to Dale Quarterley in 1988 paid off with the win in the Pro Twins (AKA Battle of the Twins) Championship on a Fast by Ferracci Ducati 851. Quarterly continues to tell the stories about riding the Fast by Ferracci Ducati and what it meant for him to put it up on the podium and win Ferracci his first Championship. In just the second full season Quarterley Racing on Track Development Team won the 2017 KTM Championship and is honored to have Ferracci recognize their success and want to be part of it. Ferracci plans on attending several of the races this year and Quarterley plans to put him to work finding all the speed in the bikes that he’s known for.

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