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Draik Beauchamp

TheDraik77 by Quarterley goes two for two in the WERA/N2 ULWT 2hr Endurance Series


The partnership of WERA and N2 Trackdays has provided a perfect spot to showcase the efforts of many Ultra Lightweight teams racing R3s, Ninja 250, 300’s, as well as the KTM 390. After missing the first round of the 3-race series due to MotoAmerica KTM RC 390 Cup obligations, Draik Beauchamp competed in the remaining two events with great success running both endurance races, solo and taking the wins in them both!


The competition was fierce and there was a steep learning curve for the 17 year old rider and his at-track help. Thanks to the off-track preparation of the KTM RC 390 Cup bike by 1/4ley Racing: On Track Development, the bike performed flawlessly.  The bike was kept in spec-trim and shod in the Dunlop Alpha13 spec tires. This was to give the best chance to get real world feedback and testing for the upcoming MotoAmerica races at Pittsburgh and to get a chance to once again be a proven race winner at ViR.


With his two victories, Beauchamp was able to finish 3rd overall in the series less than 10 points behind the series champion.


“Many thanks go to WERA and N2 Trackdays for putting together this awesome series. I had a ton of fun and proved the race-readiness of the KTM RC390 Cup bike against built bikes in the same class with very capable riders. Mostly I want to thank Bob and Missy Robbins and Dale Quarterley for giving me the opportunity to run these races.”

The Weekend at Mazda Raceway - Laguna Seca

Utah - Weekend of ups and downs - Looking forward to Leguna Seca


Rider coach Dale Quarterley giving me some pointers.

draikgetting some advice from ron_johnDemasters

Getting some direction from Ron Barrick.


Signing autographs. The fans make the experience.


Interview in Progress


Thanks John DeMasters for everything you do for us.


On the grid ready to ride


In 2010, I took my first race school, The Ed Bargy Race School. In it, Ed said, "if there is a crash in front of you; LOOK FOR CLEAR TRACK!" Thank you Ed, that lesson paid off. Took home a 3rd at Laguna Seca in the MotoAmerica KTM RC 390 Cup Race!


. I hope my buddy, and 1/4ley Racing On Track Development teammate, Jacky B (Jackson Blackmon) heals up quickly and is back at it right away. Thinking of you man.


Sometimes a 3rd is a great feeling and makes you want more and better.


Celebrating the win with rider coach, Dale Quarterley.


Hope he gives that back. Honestly, couldn't do all this without your support. Thank you, Bob.


Back to Reality - Exhausted & Determined. Afer driving back from the Nashville airport at 330am, up bright and early to fix the 4runner with Rick's help and load the trailer to cut grass and weed eat in sunny 90 degree weather to pay for more racing. See you in Sonoma.

I was anxious to get back on the podium after getting 3rd and 4th at Road America. I ended up qualifying 7th and was hungry for a podium. After battling hard, I unfortunately crashed on the last lap in the last corner. I was able to pick up the bike and finish 11th. After a precautionary trip to the hospital was unable to race on Sunday. I was diagnoses with internal bruising, but am all cleared and will be able to race at Laguna Seca! See you all there! Want to take a moment and thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes.  A special thanks to my sponsors: 129photos, Law offices of Ogle, Elrod, and Baril, Spider Graphix, Tint One, Pit Pass Radio, Sportbike Leather Service,, Red Fox Racing, Cycle Gear, Trever White at Harper VW, LS2 Helmets

Beauchamp second in points after a 3rd place finish at Road America

I was excited to get back to one of my favorite tracks: Road America! I was hoping to have a great performance like the previous 2 rounds. Unfortunately, I got off to some rough starts and some hard fought battles, but still ended up 3rd and 4th. I’m happy that I’m still 2nd in the points and hope to close the deficit at Utah!

1st Place at VIR

"Hard work pays off"

Draik Beauchamp takes it from a second row qualifying position to the top of the podum. Draik's first professional win at VIR places him second in points just one point behind the leader.

My 2017 MotoAmerica KTM RC 390 Cup Season is off to a great start!


5/2/2017 - The weekend was great for the entire 1/4ley Racing On Track Development team.

After getting awesome hole shot, I made a mistake early in the race on Saturday that put me back in the field as far as 5th position. My off season training an my new sense of determination allowed me to dig deep and claw my way back to third. While sitting in third I really put my head down and was able to pull a draft on the rider in second who is much small than me, and weighs about 60 pounds less too. I pulled off a late braking maneuver into 10a on the final lap to secure 2nd place at the checkers.

On Sunday, I once again got the hole shot and lead the entire field into turn one. The lead group was made up of five fast riders and we stayed bunched up through most of the race. We diced it up and went down the back stretch on the final lap with me and my team mate in 1st and 2nd. Rather than making the same mistake I had done early in the race the day before, I decided to keep myself and my teammate in the best position through the final turns. I stayed tucked behind him down the entire back stretch and tried a last turn move. Even though I had an inside line, as I twisted the throttle and the back end let loose bucking me up out of my seat and shifting my bike down a gear. As i gathered it up, the third place rider really closed in but I was able to best him by 0.022seconds and was only a little over a second behind the winner. Congrats to him, my teammate, Benjamin Smith and my other teammate Jake Leahey in his success over the weekend.

I know the best way we can get faster is to push each other and I hope we can all come together for that. I really feel blessed with this opportunity and want to make the most of it. I was really happy to be able to lead some laps and I'm looking forward to the next round and lead to the checkers.

A special thanks to Bob and Missy Robbins and Dale Quarterley for believing in me and teach me the importance of a strong team.

I also want to thank my sponsors: @Ogle, Elrod, and Baril,, @tint one, Red Fox Racing, @pit pass, @cycle gear, @LS2 helmets, @Sportbike Leather Service,, @spider Graphix, @Trever white, and @Motorex USA. Please go check them out.

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