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Team Practice at Summit Point Produces Results

On and off the track the riders for 1/4LEY Racing On Track Development have been hard at work. Coming together this past weekend at Summit Point the riders worked together to improve their individual riding styles and push each other harder to improve times.

Dale Quarterley said, "All the riders came excited and ready to get to work." Benjamin Smith and Draik Beauchamp brought insights from last season; knowing what they needed to do to be competitive and put themselves on the podium. Listening to the guidance of Dale Quarterly, Benjamin makes the adjustments necessary to improve his times each lap. Draik spent tons of time processing and understanding the mechanics of the bike with the direction of Dale Quarterley to persevere and push his abilities to make the improvements needed to run up front. Jake Leahey the newest addition to the team came open-minded, ready to learn garnering any detail he could from Dale Quarterley and his teammates to use to his advantage. Unfortunately, due to an injury Jackson Blackmon could not participate in the practice session and will likely miss the first race of the season, but he sent motivation and support to his fellow teammates.

At the end of the day, Dale Quarterley reflects on what's been accomplished, "The kids delivered as expected. It's the first weekend we have been able to adapt riding styles and chassis and have them come together at track record pace. Unofficially, by the end of the day the riders beat the track records and Benjamin Smith and Draik Beauchamp stood 2nd and 3rd on the podium next to 1st place Renzo Bianchesi Ferreira.

photo credit: Renzo Bianchesi Ferreira

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