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Quarterley Racing: On Track Development Tests at Jennings

Mooresville, NC (1/23/2017) – What an experience! Draik Beauchamp, Jackson Blackmon, and Jake Leahey all took to the track at Jennings, FL to brave the elements. These young riders got the opportunity to practice in the sun, and shine in the rain. Draik is returning to Quarterley Racing: On Track Development for his second season to ride in the MotoAmerica KTM series. Draik spent much of his time playing big brother helping Jake learn to ride the track and figure out the bike. Then stepping up to partner with Jackson in the rain to improve their rain times by as much as six seconds. Jackson comes to Quarterley Racing with a full years’ experience riding in the MotoAmerica KTM series. Jackson spent his time focused on what he can bring to the team and what works best to make everyone better. Jake brought the enthusiasm of a new rider to the team. Eager to learn as much as he could from his new teammates Draik and Jackson. A bit wide eyed at times with all the new information, but caught on quickly and stepping it up to ride alongside his experienced teammates. All in all, a great session with lots learned under various conditions. Looking forward to the next practice and bringing Benjamin Smith into the mix. Dale Quarterley along with Bob Robbins put this deal together to provide young riders the opportunity to race in the MotoAmerica KTM series. Each one of these young riders brings their own story, dream, and hard work to the team. If you would like to be part of making it happen contact the team at

What do the riders have to say about the weekend?

“This weekend was great! It had been quite a while since I had ridden last due to a late season injury. I got right back up to speed and despite Sunday’s rain, put in more laps this weekend than any other. I believe this was a crucial weekend for the team and can’t wait to see what is in store for us all this season. We are poised to do great things this season with the help of Bob and Dale and the strong team they have built with 1/4ley Racing: On Track Development.” – Draik Beauchamp

“This weekend of testing with Quarterley Racing: On Track Development was great! Got to ride in just about every condition possible and we tried a lot of different changes and found some good setups. It was great working with Dale and my teammates Jake and Draik. Unfortunately, our other teammate Ben couldn’t make it. Dale and I communicated very well about the bike, his experience really shows when it comes to the setup and geometry of the bike. I feel like with all the great people around me it will give me a lot of confidence going into this season. I cannot thank Bob and Dale enough for this opportunity. I am very excited to see what the team and I will accomplish this year. See everyone at Road Atlanta!” – Jackson Blackmon

Jake reflects on his new experiences with 1/4ley Racing: On Track Development team by referencing Matthew McConaughey’s speech about the three things he needs in his life: “something to look up to, something to look forward to, and something to chase.” Jake says, “I have to thank God, whom I look up to everyday, along with all the people that made this opportunity available to me. I have my family and fans whom I look forward to making proud, and I have the checkered flag to chase!”

And it wouldn’t be complete without Dale having the last word: “At one point this weekend the rain was coming in sideways and we had a threats of a tornado. The riders stepped up riding in the wet conditions utilizing every opportunity to be on the bike learning. Back in the day I had to snowplow turn 8 at Louden myself so we could ride. Bob Robbins and I joined forces to provide these young riders an opportunity but it’s their hard work and dedication that makes it all happen.

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