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The Monster Mile - Dover 2013.

To my Fans, Team, and Sponsors,


Dover is always one of the best tracks to go to on both fronts.  It's one of the most technical tracks as a driver and car set up and with up to 175 people in our booth it always gives you the delight after the race to see old friends with giant smiles on their faces no matter what happens.  


This year started out a little slow as we brought a different car.  It took us some time to find its sweet spot, but as practice wore on we got faster and faster. With the teams help sitting down and talking about the day’s sessions and with some fine adjustments overnight, we were able to have a top five running car. Unfortunately on lap 57 we must have run something over and blew the right front tire and killed the outside fence. 


One of the most memorable moments to the day though was watching Pieter carry the destroyed tire out of the race track back to the car to ensure one of his employee's children got to take it home as a souvenir. 


Looking back on the weekend it's a wonderful experience to have sponsors like the Van Dyk Corporation their employees and supporters having such a wonderful time both in the suite watching the race then experiencing the full race package down in the pits after the race.  It was also nice to see our newest sponsors Eric and Carter Cooley from Industrial Transfer. This is easily confirmed looking at the twinkle in each and every one's eyes in the following pictures.  


Part of the success to the whole weekend was to be able to put together a complete crew: Steve Bird, Crew Chief; Jack, Sean, Jake, Richard, Jim, Lynn, my girlfriend Brooke and our favorites, Art and Gail providing the weekend nourishment with meatballs and steak tips.  Thanks to each and every one of you. 


We missed you this year Libby, but thank you as always for putting this whole thing together.  


                                                                                                 Dale Quarterley

                                                                                                      1/4ley Racing

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